About Us

Honor the past, create the future...

I grew up watching wrestling and have been a fan ever since I can remember. I've listened to my dad talk about seeing the Nature Boy Ric Flair live at the National Guard Armory before I was born. The promos that The Dream would cut on people including the whole Funky Family. For me though, my fandom started with action figures and renting VHS tapes in the early 90's to watch the PPV we never could afford otherwise. I attended wrestling events in middle school with my late brother and watched it weekly on tv. I've attended indie shows all over TN and the KY area and continue to be a fan today. This brand is created for fans by a fan to celebrate the rich history and bright future of pro wrestling.

At Territory Wrestling Tees we create pro wrestling inspired tees and apparel. We're inspired by the local wrestling events elders used to tell you about and the local independent scene of today. We create original designs for fans and official merch for local talent to support and promote themselves and independent wrestling! A portion of every tee sold with a pro wrestlers name/likeness goes directly to that wrestler! Help us support local wrestling and the men and women who entertain us day in and day out!

Follow along with our journey on social media and look for us at an event near you in the coming months!

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